How do I commission a painting?
You’ll need to decide which photo(s) you want me to use. You may already have the images. If so, either email them or ship them to my studio. Large images, or image files, that show clear detail are preferred. A good rule of thumb is, the more detail I can see in your image, the more detail I can include in your painting. If you need help, I will research images for you and provide a selection to choose from. I always like to have a brief conversation with you to go over details and answer any questions you may have.

How much do you charge?
Prices are based on the number of images within your painting and the size of your canvas. Keep in mind, the more images you choose to include, the larger your canvas must be to accommodate the amount of detail required to produce a high quality work of art. Contact me to discuss the details of your commission and to receive a quote.

When is payment due and how do I pay?
A deposit of 50% is due up front and the balance is due at time of shipment or delivery. If you’re painting is being shipped, payment is due after approving what I’ve determined to be a completed painting. Cash is accepted during personal deliveries or you can send money online through PayPal to The deposit goes towards supplies; time spent researching images and/or sketching your project. Half of your deposit is non-refundable but does go toward the final price of your commission. 

Do you provide proofs?
Throughout the project I will upload images via social media and/or send email updates for you to track the progress of your painting. If your commission is a gift for someone, please make sure I’m not sending an email where they can see it and spoil the surprise.  

How much time does it take to finish a painting?
I take on projects in the order they are received. Once I’ve started your project, it generally takes between one and three weeks to complete. Shipping, in most cases, takes approximately four to five business days. My goal is for you to be installing your new painting within a month from the time it was begun. If you’re in a hurry, rush projects are available for an additional 25%. A rush project is defined as one that must be delivered within two weeks.