Finding My Passion

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I was thirteen years old, waiting in line with my mother, as I sat on a storefront curb with a pencil, paper, and photo, drawing legendary Cowboys coach Tom Landry. Carefully I hovered, trying not to drip sweat over the sketch pad in the summer heat. I forget the name of the bookstore, but Coach Landry was making an appearance to sign copies of his biography. As we reached the front of the line, a store attendant said, “Sorry, Tom will only be signing his book.” This won’t be the last time that line was said to me, but that’s for another story. I wouldn’t say I was devastated but definitely frustrated. Minutes later we’re in front of Coach Landry and my mom goes into another gear. What happened was a profound moment for me. My mother holds up the sketch and tells Coach how I had drew the picture while waiting in line and “…was hoping to have you sign it.” Twenty years have passed and not only do I remember his exact words but can hear his voice and see his facial expression when he replied, “If someone’s going to take the time to draw a picture of me, I’m going to make sure I take the time to sign it.” That simple show of gratitude he displayed seemed as sincere as could be to a kid amazed by professional sports. It wasn’t until later I would realize the existence of sports artists. My passion, however, had been found!

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